Garda Station Solicitor

If you are asked to attend the Garda station, it is vital that your lawyer represent  you at an interview. Your advocate can help navigate these intense questioning sessions and ensure their client’s rights are protected throughout.

When you’re in the custody of gardaí, it is important to protect yourself with legal advice. You retain your rights even while under arrest and one way that can help ensure these privileges are respected throughout questioning by gardaí would be having a solicitor present before any statements are taken down or interviews conducted on behalf of suspects who want them there during all stages-from initial contact through investigation into charges


The best way to ensure your rights are respected and protected is by having a solicitor present during all questioning at Garda station. What you say can either get yourself into trouble or help secure an innocent conviction, so make sure that any statements given out of custody include the advice of an solicitor on behalf until their client has been charged with something serious enough for them enter formal bail proceedings.


If you are being investigated for a crime and need legal representation, don’t hesitate to contact us


We have extensive experienced in Garda station interviews and can attend with you 24/7 should the moment arrive where officers believe that they may question your involvement in any wrongdoing- even if it is just giving statements under caution.




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